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Providing Everything You Need

Beach Chairs
Sandy Beach

Whale Medicine Wheel

Join Megan, the Company of Heaven, and her Spirit Team of Whales & Dolphins for Divine Healing Experiences & Activations in the Whale Medicine Wheel. Includes a Divine Dolphin DNA Illumination too.

60 minute, Guided On-Line Experience: $111

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Flower in Sunlight

Quantum Light Language Reiki Session

60 Minute on-line session: $125

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Animal Reiki Session

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Animal Communicator.  I love offering Reiki Zones, Reiki Sessions, and Reiki Inspired spaces of communication for our Divine Animal Family. 

Animal Reiki Session includes 3 On-line Reiki Experiences for your Animal Friend


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Want to learn Reiki? Email us to get registered in our next class offering. We have Reiki I & II classes beginning in October. 

Above the Clouds
head massage

Intuitive Massage Therapy Session

90 minute session created perfectly for YOU


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